Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Emeralds Gift Set


  • 100ml perfume bottle
  • 100ml body lotion
  • Miniature perfume bottle


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Some fragrances are appropriate for day wear while others are suitable for evening wear. Evening wear perfumes are usually stronger scented and last longer than day fragrances, which are more subtle. Heat makes perfumes ooze better. That is why perfumes should be applied on the “hot” spots of your skin so that the scent can wrap around you like a veil of gorgeous scents. The hot spots are the points where your pulse can be felt better, on the wrists, on the inside of your elbows, on your neck and on the back of your neck. Wearing a scent that you love gives you the needed confidence. It is advisable to change your fragrance once in a while. If you wear the same fragrance every day, you will get used to its smell. A little diversification won’t hurt at all.

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